About Mastiff Home Buyers and Renovation

  • Incorporated as an S-Corp in the State of KS and Foreign Entity in MO
  • Owned by
    • Jeramie Ayala– Co-Owner
      –Experience in construction, including framing, dry walling, painting
    • Angela Hagen—Co-Owner
      –Experience managing projects and leading people

The Mastiff Home Buyers Story

  • In October of 2016 we had a fire in the basement of our home
  • We rehabbed this property ourselves and turned it into our first investment property
  • We found a love and fit for both business partners in this work so we relocated to begin our business in a successful market
  • We want to help people find solutions to dilemmas that we have personally experienced in our own lives

The Mastiff Business Plan

  • Vision: To create the best real estate solutions for our customers
  • Purpose: To assist residents in KC and surrounding areas to find the right solution for their real estate dilemma within 30 days.
  • Core Values
    • People First
    • Integrity
    • Community

The Mastiff Way

  • Hold to core values
  • Emphasize Our Why
  • Understand expectations and needs of others
  • Investment of resources (money, people, time)
  • Based on Key Performance Indicators
  • Continued assessment of what we need to know, have, and do to deliver on customer expectations

We strive to understand seller’s needs in ways that other home buyers do not and we want to help sellers find the right solutions.

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We strive to be the best source for Kansas City Metro Region real estate investors to find great discount and investment property in the Kansas City Metro Region, KS and MO area.

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Angela and Jeramie

Mastiff Home Buyers and Renovation Corp

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