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We serve Individuals who own a property that is causing them emotional or financial stress or they just don’t want to own the property any longer

If this sounds like you and you need to sell, let us be your Kansas City home buyer of choice. We act through our core values of people first, integrity, respect, and authenticity.

Our solutions can help homeowners avoid vacancy when relocating, avoid foreclosure, settle divorce, or inheritance.

We can also take the hassle out of being a landlord while still providing you with monthly passive income.

We provide honest solutions for KS and MO homeowners without the hassles and sometimes without giving up your equity you have built-in your home. 

We help Kansas City residents earn the satisfaction of being a homeowner through Rent To Own.

Mastiff Home Buyers offers great rent-to-own houses and apartments in and around Kansas City Metro Region… in conjunction with our help to improve your credit so you can purchase the home in as short of a timeline as possible. Please note that all tenant-buyers go through a screening process which is more stringent than that for an average renter. We work with a team including mortgage brokers, credit counselors, and property managers to ensure that by taking certain actions the tenant-buyer will qualify for a traditional mortgage within the lease period.

Mastiff Home Buyers Offers REAL partnerships for investors

We find Kansas City Investment Properties

If you are an investor, we want to work with you. Whether you are looking for property to rehab or to buy and hold, add yourself to our buyers’ list and let’s stay in contact. Just click here to join our Preferred Buyers list and tell us what you’re looking for →

is a real estate investment company. We have a unique business model that is served well by networking and partnering with many folks in the industry. We are connectors and will bring deals and business your way if you take the time to get to know us.