Real estate investing is a business, whether you are flipping houses or providing housing to people (ie landlord).

Why A Business Mastermind?

Do you own a business?

Do you have a mission and vision

Do you grow tired of managing employees or contract staff?

Are you clear what your business is?

Are you executing according to your mission and vision

Could you benefit from a group of people committed to your success?

What To Expect

Small closed in-person group

Meeting one weekday morning per month

Meeting approximately 2 hours

Bi-Annual Paid Membership ($49.99)

A little bit about the group leader

Angel started her real estate investment company in 2017. Prior to that she served in state and corporate leadership positions that provided deep insight in developing and executing strategy in business.

•Leadership competencies as taught by the Kansas Leadership Center •Planning, budgeting, and forecasting for budgets up to $50 million •Managing teams of 30+ people to accomplish short & long-term strategies •Leading to motivate people to act •Excellent oral and written communication skills. •Problem solving, critical thinking, evaluation, researching, and analyzing in high pressure situations Planning skills for complex systems change

Short Introductions virtually email Angel at to schedule

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